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Mamie McCulloughMamie McCullough Ph.D, is a motivational speaker who brings the "I Can. You Can Too!" message to the masses. She might be considered a modern day life coach, but that would simplify the McCullough legacy and the impact she has had on others. It is virtually impossible to cross paths with McCullough and not walk away with a spring in your step and big plans for your own future. She is the ultimate motivator.

It's Not Where You Start
Life did not deal McCullough a good hand or even good teeth. Her father passed away, leaving her Momma to raise nine children on a second grade education and with few financial resources.

McCullough left Dixie, Georgia at the age of twenty with two feed sack dresses, a bag of her Mama's fried chicken, and twenty-five dollars in cash. McCullough did not even realize that she had to pay tuition to attend college when she landed in Brownwood, Texas.

Success Doesn't Just Happen
Although McCullough was fortunate to have many people reach out and help over the years, ultimately, her success rested in her own hands and heart. It wasn't always easy, and she admits that there were moments (only brief) when she wanted to toss in the towel.

As McCullough points out:

"Sometimes the best work is done by people who don't want to do what they have to do but who are nonetheless courageous enough to get up and get going! Who are the successful people? They are the ones who do the things that unsuccessful people refuse to do."

Hard Work Pays Off
McCullough worked as a public school teacher and then a 5A high school principal in South Georgia where she developed programs to foster self esteem. She then took her messages of hope and inspiration to larger audiences as the President of the educational division of the Zig Ziglar Corporation where she reached in excess of 5 million youth.

Today, McCullough is based out of Dallas, Texas and expands her mission of hope to all ages. After all, we all harbor the need to find the inner strength to believe whether we are little children finding our way, teens stuck in a rut, or adults who have lost that magical "I Can" attitude.

Mamie Will Jumpstart Your Group
Regardless of the group you represent, you can't go wrong when booking McCullough. She brings a spirit of lasting renewal as well as humor and inspiration to groups of all ages and sizes. She speaks to business, school, and church groups, and is the perfect choice for any engagement requiring a motivational jumpstart. Participants leave rejuvenated, and Mamie's ageless messages provide ongoing confirmation that: "Yes You Can!"

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