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Mamie's books are known and read all over the world and have changed many lives. If you have questions or would like to order by phone, call 1(800) 255-4226 toll-free.

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Is a color illustrated 12 chapter reader book for kids. Join in the adventures of three brother squirrels and their friend Brian. Lessons on the value of family, love faith and friendship are reinforced with fun stories for the whole family.

#S Softback

I Can. You Can Too! I Can. You Can Too

You too can "grow" — not just "go" through life, overcome impossible circumstances, and experience the ultimate fulfillment of happiness and success! The dramatic life story of the "I Can!" lady, Mamie McCullough, is sure proof that positive attitudes bring you remarkable achievement and deep satisfaction.

#B001 Softback

I'm Not Waving... I'm Drowning I'm Not Waving ... I'm Drowning: Help for Those Who Need Hope and Healing

The majority of those who have lost all hope have been abused — physically, sexually, spiritually, verbally, and, of course, emotionally. This book looks at the horror of abuse that leads to hopelessness and helplessness. But the main focus is on hope and healing, forgiving and living a fulfilled life of peace and joy.

Reaching out and reading this book is the first step toward your own healing journey or, perhaps, equipping yourself to aid in the healing of a loved one.

#B005 Softback

Get It Together Get It Together — And Remember Where You Put It

Mamie reveals everything you need to know to turn your desire for a better life into more than you ever imagined possible! Step by step, she explains her simple strategies and practical tips for creating a personal action plan for making the most of your life. These ideas really work — Mamie's own incredibly inspiring story proves it!

#B002 Hardcover

Heartitudes Heartitudes

Get inspired in daily doses! Motivation is a daily exercise and Mamie's "heartitudes" are VitaMINDS — vitamins for your mind with several of the ingredients necessary to inspire you with your daily dose of encouragement.

#B006 Softback


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SAVE up to 45% when you order one
of Mamie's package deals!
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