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Organizations looking for diversity training seminars and conferences will find that Mamie McCullough, Ph.D. and Hattie Magee Myles, Ph.D. combine forces to provide flavor and spice for the diversity of life.

These two dynamic women combine years of experience and leadership to help groups create the best learning and work environment possible today in a constantly more diverse society.

The focus of the programs are on finding common ground and building on the various strengths different members of an organizational team bring to the table.

The Discussion Seminar Will Answer Such Questions As:

  • What is diversity?
  • What is the difference between diversity and culture?
  • What is the value of diversity?
  • What do you think it would like if all people who do no look like you left town?
  • How do tolerance and embracement differ?

Seven Things You Will Learn with a Salt 'n Pepper Diversity Program:

  1. How to remove obstacles to understanding and acceptance
  2. How not to stumble when you walk into diverse situations
  3. Ways to find commonalities and acknowledge differences
  4. How to reduce anxiety and decrease when learning differences
  5. How to accept personal responsibility for doing the right thing
  6. How to create a climate wherein every person has an equal opportunity to excel

Group planners can get information or book Mamie and Hattie and be certain to have an exception program that will benefit and be remembered by all.

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