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Business TopicsMamie has many years of experience in management, sales, and recruiting and owns her own business. She was a modern woman before that was in vogue and helped set the stage and shape the model for the current diverse business environment. She is living proof that it's not where you start, but where you end up that counts.

Business Success is ALL About the People Involved
"Business improves when people improve," says Mamie. And, she helps motivate business leaders and employees with her inspiring presentations and seminars that balance motivational ideas and tips with humor.

As Mamie notes, "Coming together is a start; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Success is an ongoing process, and Mamie can help your business get motivated and stay that way.

Sample programs for business groups include:

  1. I Can. You Can Too!
    Motivation and commitment.
    (See also: The "I Can" Story)

  2. How To Be Up In A Down World
    Stay motivated and never give up!

  3. Yes, Together We Can Make It Happen - Team Building
    Develop a positive attitude for management and employees. Addresses communication and professionalism.
    (See also: Yes, Together We Can)

  4. All Stressed Up and Know Where To Go
    Dealing with change.

  5. Customer Service is a Contact Sport
    Creating customer loyalty.

  6. Salt 'n Pepper (with Dr. Hattie Magee Myles)
    Diversity in the workplace – making the most of all backgrounds and talents on the team.

* Mamie has spoken before many businesses both large and small, and she can tailor a program to meet the needs at your organization.

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