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As an educator, Mamie has taught every level from eighth grade through college as well as serving as principal of a large Georgia high school. Her proven record helping others has put Mamie McCullough in demand as a keynote speaker, motivational teacher and educational consultant. She brings real world experience and successful tips for success as well as hope, encouragement, and even some hearty laugher.

The purpose of Mamie's 1-hour to 3-day professional development seminars is to give strategies, techniques, activities and a plan of action for educators, students, parents, and communities to create a positive climate in which to live, learn and work.

Specific concerns can be addressed such as:

  • At-Risk Students
  • Depression
  • Drug Dependency
  • Truancy
  • Teenage Pregnancy

Popular Topics for Professional Development in the Educational Community:

  1. I Can, You Can Too! (How to "Bee" Up in a Down World)
    You can overcome impossible circumstances and experience happiness and success! Mamie shares from her own life story or overcoming life’s difficulties. Need a plan? Mamie will share her actual life experience to challenge and show you the value of being a self-starter, an optimistic thinker, and goal setter.

    "It's not where you start in life that counts, it's where you finish!"

  2. Step Up to the Plate (Professionalism and Success)
    Leaders and educators have the responsibility to teach ethics, manners, and accountability. Mamie motivates educational professionals to take the challenge to live and teach the importance of character, manners and integrity so that students have role models for future success.

    "We do not have an education problem, but we have a society problem."

  3. Together, We Can (Teamwork and Communication)
    This presentation discusses team building of faculty, students, staff, parents – the important of all educational segments working together in of order to have safe schools and communities. Mamie delivers an encouraging message reminding us that when we communicate, accept responsibility, put aside differences and follow the golden rule, everyone can win!

    "Teamwork takes the T-otal E-ffort of A-ll M-embers. Together, we can make a difference!"

  4. I'm Not Waving, I'm Drowning (Healing from Hurt)
    Abuse of any type is serious! Mamie often says, "Hurt never leaves you where it found you." Mamie shares from her own personal experience and boldly addresses ways to recognize and confront abuse in various forms. Mamie will leave you with tangible steps to rebuild if you have experienced abuse and strategies to help others, including students, through their hurt, bitterness and anger.

    "No matter how crumpled up, wrinkled, soiled, or unjustly treated you’ve been, you can make the decision to get up, brush yourself off, and go forward."

  5. Childhood Thieves (We Must Provide Protection for Our Children)
    It is an unfortunate reality that many children are abused in our society. Mamie knows. She was one of these children. As a community, YES, we can make a difference. Educators can help with the problem and be part of the solution. This program focuses on concrete steps to help create a safety net for children by involving everyone – schools, parents, communities, and our children.

    "Children should be loved, believed, and accepted"

  6. Salt 'n Pepper (Bridging the Bap – Embracing Diversity)
    Mamie McCullough and Hattie M. Myles combine their many years of leadership and educational experience to bring to you information and knowledge that will help you create the best learning and work environment possible! You will learn to embrace diversity and the value of tolerance by accepting the uniqueness of all people. Join Mamie in determining how to build on individuals’ strengths and discover commonalities. The goal is to create a climate where everyone has an opportunity to excel.

    "Different is not wrong, just different."

* See some of the schools that have been helped and motivated by Mamie McCullough with either motivational keynote addresses or interactive workshops.

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