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The Story of the Bumble Bee

Bumble BeePeople often ask Mamie McCullough why she wears a bee pin on her lapel, and she is happy to explain about her motivational reminder.

SHUSSHH . . . Don't Tell the Bumble Bee
"Scientists have proven that it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee to fly," says Dr. Mamie. "Its body is too heavy, and its wings are too light. However, the bumble bee doesn't read – it just flies."

We often let the world convince us that we can't do things, or we throw up our hands and simply say, "I can't."

I Can. You Can Too!
Mamie is known as the I Can lady, and she has spent years telling people that, like the bumble bee, all things are possible.

Mamie knows, because she grew up in poverty in rural Georgia. There were nine siblings in the family, and Mamie's father passed away when she was three-years-old.

"I often felt I was living in a hopeless situation," says Mamie. "I thought that because my mother had no education, because I had so many brothers and sisters, and because I was born at the time I was, I would never amount to anything."

Over time, Mamie discovered that she could, indeed, fly. It wasn't an easy journey to that place where she felt good about herself, and she certainly dealt with some life challenges over the years like the death of her own husband and cancer, but in the end, she found her place in the world and now shares her story to help others.

"We are all ultimately responsible for what we are and what we become," notes Mamie.

Bee PinBee Your Best
When Mamie McCullough visits your group or organization, she arrives with a big smile on her face and with her bumble bee proudly on her lapel. She shares her story of success and provides life coach tips, ideas, and stories that leave audiences reenergized and ready to fly like the bumble bee.

Her motivational messages are timeless. With her teaching background, she can reach youngsters but as a successful businesswoman she also touches CEOs of major companies.

Audience members leave knowing that – "Yes .. I can Bee! What I Want to Bee!"

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