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I Believe in You

Over the years Mamie McCullough has learned that a helping hand and someone believing in you can make all the difference.

Had Mamie grown up in this generation, she would have been labeled an "at risk" child and would not have been expected to be very successful. Certainly Mamie did not get an easy start in life, and she has had to deal with difficult situations including the death of her husband and cancer.

So, yes, Mamie does believe in YOU. If you get the opportunity to hear or meet her, you will feel those vibes. You will be empowered by knowing that someone accepts you and looks for your strengths and talents.

Here is a poem that Mamie shares with YOU. Feel free to pass it along to a friend or relative who may also need words of encouragement. Sometimes it takes only a few kind and caring words to make the world a brighter place and to give another person the valuable gift of hope.


No matter what you've done...
I Believe in You.

No matter what's happened to you...
I Believe in You.

No matter what people say...
I Believe in You.

No matter if you are rich or poor...
I Believe in You.

No matter your age, size or IQ...
I Believe in You.

No matter where you live...
I Believe in You.

No matter your position or lack of one...
I Believe in You.

No matter... No matter... No matter...
I Believe in You.

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