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The "I Can" Story

"Bringing in a can was probably the only homework assignment I ever gave that they all did," said Miss Mamie. "Some had Vienna sausage cans, some had soup cans, some had the gallon peach cans. Some of the boys had dragged the huge trash cans in from around the campus, but all 32 students had a can."

Why Cans?
You may be wondering why Miss Mamie had students bring in tin cans after asking them to tell her what an "I can't" looked like. Certainly, the students were curious enough to do the assignment especially since the junior high students were unable to define "I can't" – something teachers hear all the time.

What Happened to Those First Cans?
Miss Mamie had the students glue eyes cut from magazines on their cans. The kids had something tangible to look at and hold. They each had an "I Can," and you can as well with a FREE "I Can" label download compliments of Miss Mamie. They fit neatly around a standard soup can.

In addition, Miss Mamie told the students that "I Can't" really means:

  1. I won't.


  2. I don't know how.

Those issues are a lot different from "I Can't." So, the lesson of the "I Can" was that anything is possible, but maybe we need to be reminded with something we can see, hold, and look at. Oftentimes, we can convince ourselves to do things, because we know they need to be done. Or, we can all learn something new so that we can do the things we want to do and get what we want out of life.

You Can Have an "I CAN" Too
You can download your own "I Can" label FREE. The motivational label fits a standard soup sized can and is a wonderful visual reminder that anything is possible. You just have to go after it or learn what it takes to make your own dreams come true.

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