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Together We Can

Success is about pulling together. Whether it’s at home, work, school, or in the community, joining forces means that YES YOU CAN.

Mamie McCullough learned early on that a hand up (not a hand out) is the ticket to success. She decided to resign from college when she discovered that she would be billed for education. She was not aware that she would be billed and did not have any money. The President of the college offered her space in his home and she was offered a job to meet her expenses. She got her education and went on to great success. Such opportunities gave Mamie a chance to do more than she ever dreamed with her life.

Mamie remembers those who helped her, and she pays it forward. You can too, and here is a poem of affirmation to help your team (no matter what type) be stronger and successful.


My heart knows and my mind believes that
Accomplish anything ... with a strong desire and a proven plan
Each taking ... and giving ... a helping hand
To achieve worthy goals and thus lift this Land.

We start here ... in this place ... NOW
To persevere and overcome ... together we solemnly vow
The past is rehearsal ... it matters not at all
What counts is today and the future whatever our call.

Despite adversities ... we can BEE BETTER and more proud
We will succeed ... pass the word ... calmly or loud
We are all in this together to the successful end
TOGETHER WE CAN – start and ride a winning trend.

And when at last on the high ground victorious we stand
With circumstances and adversity ... now under our command
We shall send to others the simple message again and again
Join Together ... that’s the key. You can make it!
We did and YES! ... TOGETHER YOU CAN.

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