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Sample topics Mamie can cover for your group or organization:

  1. I Can. You Can Too!
    Motivation and commitment.
    (See also: The "I Can" Story)

  2. How To Be Up In A Down World
    Stay motivated and never give up!

  3. Yes, Together We Can Make It Happen - Team Building
    Develop a positive attitude for management and employees. Addresses communication and professionalism.
    (See also: Yes, Together We Can)

  4. All Stressed Up and Know Where To Go
    Dealing with change.

  5. Customer Service is a Contact Sport
    Creating customer loyalty.

  6. Salt 'n Pepper (with Dr. Hattie Magee Myles)
    Flavor and spice for the diversity of life.

* Mamie McCullough can customize her programs for various groups and ages:

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